Last Wish

by Desolator

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After 20 years of releasing "...without anaesthetization...", Desolator is back with the full-time debut album containing all songs (but one - the first Desolator death metal track ever - "Decay of Souls" - perhaps we will have the chance to publish it in the future) written and performed from 1989 to 1993.


released December 5, 2012

Recorded and edited by Marek Makosiej at Pscythe Studio, Olsztyn, May 2011-April 2012.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Szymon Czech at Elephant Studio, May 2012.



all rights reserved


Desolator Olsztyn, Poland

Desolator was founded in Olsztyn in 1989 by Marek "Kościej" Makosiej (g./voc.) and Arek "Jasiu" Jankowski (dr.). Later on, together with Tomek "Orzełek" Orzeł (voc./b.g.) and Radek Lewandowski (g.), in 1992, they released their 1st demo-tape "...without anaesthetization...". In 1993-1994, they started exploring new fields of expression, which caused lineup changes that soon led to band's splitup. ... more

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Track Name: Last Wish (3)
Screams in your head, forever possessed with crime
Morbid chaos, mad signs
Drowning me, steam in my blood
Corpses ripped within my mind, deeper than your maze

Last wish

You feel his breath
Expect what’s to come as you
See him crawl for inner joy
He’s so just, he’ll clean your soul
Last wish

Last wish

Flashbacks, blinding light, torment
All you feel is disgrace
As you see there’s no such place
You are guilty!

Untrue spells take your corpse to hell
Fear in his eyes
Humiliated – no darkness
All that life – meaningless
Turn to dust – learn it now

You’re the one who’s to blame
Everyone – look at him!
There’s no one – it’s too late!
You escape...
Never more!
Track Name: Capital Punishment (7)
Lunatic urge, fanatic’s world
World of psychos who worshipped their god once

Doing right through evil, giving life through death

Gather lambs together, reign the souls, betray
Walls, conversion, false messenger’s coming
Crossing signs over your head
Reborn – you come back to life

Choice between life and death
Choice between the unknown and them
Choice is death
On your knees – you and them punished the same way

(They) vanish in the fire
Begin their march to darkness
Their world, their destiny, their capital punishment
Track Name: Merciless Dementia (2)
Taken out piece by piece, mercilessly cut up
Without anaesthetization given to psychopath’s hands
To maniac and sadist who tears it in(to) parts and puts it together
Then he bursts (out) with mad laughter

Rip it from deep, turn the remains (in)to nothing, in vain
Show all skill in torment and depravation
Puzzle of filth, weighing the pieces – so light
And spreads blood around in bliss
Merciless dementia

Thrown right into emptiness
Was that soul for the one?
Plastic bag full of sins
He prepares for salvation

Nothing found but that pain
Anger felt towards all gods
Looking at the outcome – gore
Masterpiece of restless mind

Devoid of anger, calm through vengeance
Conflict from pain that lies there below
Life ends – devoured by giant strain
Pain of self
Detest from merciless dementia

Turned to dust
Freeze to death on his way
To the altar
Track Name: Born of Sin (9)
Isolated from the world you vanish into the different reality
Door, liquid, the edge of your lust
You open the gate, enter your own illusions

Visions of unreal feelings

You go slowly down, you can see the shapes
Glimmers of evil darkness, souls without faces
They hold out their hands to you, avid of your purity

A shiver of the unreal bliss

You flow over your life
You can see a man who spits on your dust
When the necrosis seizes your body

You can feel only fear
The dead ones are bleeding
Your soul is bleeding
You escape
You look for...

You can see the edge
Illusion is dying in yourself
You open the gate...
Your own illusions again
Track Name: Soul to Machine (4)
Abuse yourself
Where power dwells
No sympathy

Tempted by superficial gain
Soul to machine – no self will remain
Sold yourself to lie
Tempted by image – your soul gonna die
Feeling so high, on top of all things
Bell of morality so distantly rings
Belly so full – betrayed your ideals
Unseen truth mercilessly reveals
Mercilessly reveals

Walking the aisles, so proud outside
Forgotten, abandoned, empty inside
Their voices are unheard, submerged in filth
Projecting every word – plan is drawn
You enter the stage
Spreading the message of deceit page by page

No time for remorse
No time to look back
Good time to shine
No need to be back on track

Where am I?
What’s that place?
Who are you?
Who’s that face?
Answer 1
Gesture 2
Smiling 3
I am you!

Looking down
Down to earth

Appearances, apparitions of successful past
Compromises, superstitions, things that cannot last
Truth and lies mean the same here
The peace of mind can’t be bought for free
Back to life where things are all the same
The future was bright
Now where’s that fuckin’ fame?

Looking down
Up to hell!
Track Name: Again (6)
Deep in your soul
Deep in your mind
Death that exists for a short time

Bleeding wound
Daily pain
You are falling deeper into it

Next day, next decease
Soul and mind still bleed
You hold out your hand but nobody is around
You waste away in(to) oblivion
Visions come into (the) remains of identity

Visions you can’t stop
Fire burning your soul
Fire burning your mind
You vanish in(to) the distance

When you lived...
Like an animal on extinction now
You vegetate to die

Who gave you this pain?
Destroyed your life till the end?
You can’t see (the) sense of revenge
You fight with yourself

When they can’t see you
You rise to live again
Track Name: Behind the Mask (8)
Why am I supposed to do only what I’m told?
I am not a follower, the truth is to unfold...

Standing in the middle
The view is not obscure
Lying big (time) or little
Both sides so immature

What’s behind the mask?
Anonymously worn...
Servants of one god
Consumption underground

Scheming and attacking
Screaming for the cause
Mirror of conspiracy
Concurrent underworld

Immemorial drama
Revolution’s end
Revolving wheels of karma
Heroes now descend
Track Name: Turned Around (Sickness) (5)
Golden ring
Is this faith or fear?
Blessed be those who kneel and pray
Quest for wealth can’t disappear

For ages they have ruled
For ages they have fooled
Messing with your brain
Driving you insane

Disciples of the safe
Guards of the grave
Indispensible part of your world
To sell or to be sold?

Celebrating death in the name of the unknown
Ignorant – you shall reap what you have sown
Hypocrisy in the only way of getting rich
Never heard of “practice what you preach”

Bowing down before the symbol of eternal life
Craving for the absolution – eye(s) aiming at the sky
Paying honors to the demons under mighty spell
Everything’s turned around
You shall burn in hell
In hell...

People of the lie come on the mission of peace
Spreading the word
Spreading on their disease
What future will bring yet remains not unknown:
They shall reap what they’ve sown in deceit